Sell your financial practice through a Succession Plan with AdvisorBridge.

AdvisorBridge partners with Independent Investment Advisors as they begin their succession planning journey. We lay a foundation for success by taking our Advisor members through the essential first steps of defining goals and creating a comprehensive selling strategy.  We assist our Selling members in determining the value of their practice, identifying qualified and suitable Buyers and assisting in the negotiation of optimal deal terms and price.   

We believe that Advisors owe their clients the same duty of care in their own succession planning as they did in managing their client’s savings. The objective of every Advisor’s succession plan should be to find the perfect Buyer not only for themselves but also for their clients. 

Fortunately, the range of choices available to exiting Advisors is substantially supported by a strong Seller’s market.  The AdvisorBridge Market Network is intended to curate the broadest range of potential Buyers for our Selling members. 

Our Market Network paired with our consulting services provides our Selling members with an innovative and process driven solution.

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Find your Ideal Successor

Consulting Services

For many Advisors, their practice forms a significant part of their net worth. Monetizing this asset should be executed with a clear strategy and defined structure. Critical errors must be avoided.

All Advisors have unique considerations when planning the sale of their practice – we tailor our Consulting Services to match each Advisor’s needs.

Some of our services include:

  • Preparing your book for sale - a 360° view of your exit/succession strategy
  • What’s your practice worth? Book Valuation vs. Price Discovery
  • Structuring deal terms
  • Finding the best fit successor