Buy a financial practice through a Succession Plan with AdvisorBridge.

It’s not a secret. The fastest and most efficient method of growing your practice is through the acquisition of a complimentary Advisor business. At AdvisorBridge we’ve created a Market Network that connects Advisors and facilitates successful Dealer to Dealer Succession plans. This transfer of client assets is intended to benefit not only the Buyer and Seller but also the Seller’s clients.

The Wealth Management business in Canada is undergoing a gradual dislocation and transformation that will only accelerate in the coming years. The forces at play are numerous and cannot be understated. This new landscape is being shaped by new technologies, increasing regulatory burdens and changing client expectations. Concurrent to this, two significant demographic shifts are underway. The multigeneration transfer of wealth from baby boomers to their children and an aging Advisor population preparing to retire.

This paradigm shift will open multiple acquisition opportunities in the coming years. AdvisorBridge partners with Advisors and Dealers interested in leveraging this dynamic environment by creating a robust and intentional acquisition strategy.

The Market Network at AdvisorBridge is much more than simply providing Sellers with a broad choice of potential Buyers; we curate a cross section of qualified, prepared and scalable Buyer members.  This is not only intended to serve you the Buyer but also our Seller members, their clients and the wider Canadian Wealth Management Industry.

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Become a Buyer

Consulting Services

Growth by acquisition is not a short term or impulsive strategy. Our Consulting Services will prepare you for this growth trajectory.

Some of our services include:

  • Defining your goals – Profiling your ideal seller
  • How to position yourself in a Sellers Market – building and demonstrating a base for acquisitions
  • Negotiating competitive deal terms and price – conducting an open book due diligence process
  • Identifying suitable and scalable matches