About Us

AdvisorBridge supports Canadian Financial Advisors interested in either buying a practice, selling their practice, merging with another Advisor or transitioning to a new Dealer. We support Dealers looking to recruit and Advisors interested in being recruited.

AdvisorBridge.ca is a membership driven site. Our online platform allows members to create an anonymous profile and communicate through our internal messaging system. We help Advisors connect like never before.

Through our consulting services we take an active and collaborative approach.  We support our members with a guided process designed to take them from discovery, to due diligence, to the close of their deal, helping them avoid costly mistakes along the way.

AdvisorBridge.ca is where possibility meets opportunity.

Danny MacKay, AdvisorBridge Founder

Danny MacKay, Founder AdvisorBridge

The majority of my 20 plus years in the financial services industry has been devoted to advocating for Advisors.  My focus has always been on the client, the Advisor and finally the Firm, in that order.  I have had the good fortune over the course of my career to have held Director, VP and SVP level roles at some of the countries finest Independent Investment Dealers.  I have worked in both Regional and National Sales and Branch Management roles and as the Head of the Agent/Principal model at Canaccord Genuity.

Adding real value to Advisor practices and by extension the client experience is what has always motivated me professionally. Over the past several years I have overseen multiple successful Advisor transitions, crafted win-win succession plans and championed Advisor and client centric policy and procedures.  These are perhaps some of my fondest accomplishments.

AdvisorBridge has been built to assist Advisors in achieving what can be some of their most challenging professional goals; buying a practice, selling their practice, merging their practice with another Advisor or transitioning to a new Dealer.  It is my hope and goal to continue to advocate for Advisors through AdvisorBridge and champion their success through this platform. 

“I believe in enhancing & fostering the integrity of the Wealth Management Industry in Canada. The founding principle of AdvisorBridge is to create the most positive outcomes possible for our members & their clients."

My Philosophy

Your clients are at the core of a well executed Succession Plan.

Professionals in our industry care deeply about their clients. These long-standing relationships are built on a foundation of trust and integrity. A well-crafted Succession Plan is not simply about finding a Successor but rather the best possible Successor for you and your clients.

Transparency drives efficiency and builds trust.

Time is precious. In business, time is also money. The vetting of a potential business partner begins with weighing critical quantitative and qualitative factors. By fostering transparency while respecting anonymity, we help our members eliminate needless steps on their path to a decision point.

Problems are solved through Innovation.

The majority of Advisors do not have a clearly articulated Succession Plan. The reasons for this are many. Not only is the process daunting but many Advisors simply do not have a clear successor in their path. AdvisorBridge meets these challenges head on. We offer an integrated approach by providing our members the ability to connect anonymously through our Market Network and we offer you the opportunity to engage in a personalized and consultative solution.